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Hospitality & Retail

Jul 06 2021
Northern Palawan, Philippines / Yangon, Myanmar /Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
OPPLE Lighting continues to lead the way in hospitality lighting with the launch of a range of new products designed to match the latest trends in the industry. By integrating our best-in-class lighting design with innovative and beautiful luminaires, and matching it all with intelligent control systems, Opple allows you to easily upgrade the quality of your lighting, delighting your guests and increasing their comfort and enjoyment.
OPPLE solution: 
Luxury hotels have facilities with very specific lighting needs, such as swimming pools, spas, gyms, sporting facilities, or wellness centers. These all need specific lighting treatments to maximize their utility and enhance guest comfort. For example, lighting in the swimming pool and spa areas must be waterproof and yet still suit the decor and theme of the area. Gyms need bright and clear lighting to enhance the safe use of the equipment and personal training, whereas spas and wellness centers should offer a warmer, more relaxing lighting ambience that promotes relaxation and calm. Opple’s team of lighting experts offers a best-in-class design service. We take the time to get to know your requirements in detail, allowing us to build integrated lighting solutions that not only meet the needs of your guests and staff¬ but also compliment the architectural style and decor of your establishment. Products like the Opple LED Spotlight HJ allow our designers to provide perfectly shaped and directed light for accenting key decorative elements or design features in important areas such as reception lobbies, ballrooms, dining rooms, and other highlight areas. Our rich experience of the hospitality industry means that we understand the importance of the guest experience, but our high-quality lighting also reduces your costs and improves sustainability. For example, the Opple LED Utility Strip and LED Downlight ESIII offer an extremely energy-efficient way to stylishly improve the lighting in guest bedrooms with hidden illumination and soft down lighting. At Opple, we use lighting to help you create the perfect guest experience, letting your venue stand out from others, and making an emotional impact with your visitors.
"Opple designed a superb lighting plan that not only makes our guests feel at home but also makes our buildings come to life." - Customer Feedback
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